Privacy Policy

The privacy and security of your personal information will be given special protection by Shanghai Bitz Technology Co. , Ltd. . We will make your use of Bitz's high-quality services enjoyable and worthwhile, while at the same time making you feel secure that your privacy interests are respected. In this article, we will inform you what information we collect and how we process it.

Collection of personal information

You may need to provide some information to prove your identity or indicate your needs, this information includes but is not limited to: name, identity document number, date of birth, sex, contact information, correspondence and network contact information, education level, occupation, professional skills, interests, nature of business and areas of interest, etc. . In order to provide you with a specific customer service, we will take steps to verify the authenticity of customer registration information with special needs. We may use the above information to improve our products, services, marketing strategy or company management. We may also use the information you provide to send you emails and other information, however, we promise that we will take effective measures to ensure that we do not provide your registration information to advertisers without your permission, unless of your own volition, we will not provide your information to other third parties.

Use of information

We will not disclose any of your personal information to any other organization unless

(1) you have given us clear, special permission in advance;

(2) where the law or a court-authorized legal procedure with corresponding powers requires disclosure;

(3) We need to use your information to resolve any questions, requests or complaints you may have.

We may contact users regarding changes to their account status, this privacy policy and any other terms or agreements. The company is likely to provide strategic and business partners and investors with general information about its users. This general information is obtained by combining a number of individual data, not including names or other identifiable identifiers. We may also produce reports on user statistics and usage patterns. This information can be used to communicate with service providers who improve our services or help us expand our user base.

Security measures

You should take care to keep your account number and password confidential, as this is the key to your information. All Web pages that contain your personal information are encrypted to protect your privacy.

We have built-in security measures in place to reduce the possibility of accidental disclosure and unintentional use of user information.

Android APP permission information

We have updated the "Privacy Policy" in accordance with regulatory requirements, and hereby explain to you as follows:

1. Enable SD card read/write function to upload documents.

2. Allow camera function to update personal avatar.

3. Allow the positioning function, which is used for punching in the attendance system.

4. Allow access to the calendar, which is used to synchronize the schedule of Lizhihui with the system calendar.

5. Allow SMS text message sending function (SEND_SMS sensitive information behavior), this permission is used to send text messages to case client lawyers.

6. Integrate Baidu positioning SDK for attendance punching positioning.

7. Integrate Alibaba Cloud Push (Android SDK V3.7.7): obtain device identification information (MAC address, IMEI/IMSI), device model information, [com.huawei.hms] [com.aliyun] [] [ com.heytap.msp] [com.xiaomi.push] is used to push user messages.

8. Integrate Baidu Positioning SDK (Basic Positioning + Offline Positioning + Indoor Positioning V9.3.3): The SDK obtains the ANDROID ID for positioning when clocking in.

9. If you plan to no longer use the client system and want to cancel the relevant account opened in the company, you can contact our customer service staff or the management staff of your company to provide you with account cancellation service (customer service hotline: +86 –400–821–3228).

The above permissions are all system public permissions. If you want to open or close the permissions, you can change the status in Settings - Application Management - Lizhihui - Permission Management (the setting paths of different manufacturers may be inconsistent, you can refer to the manufacturer's setting instructions)

Other Information

Cancellation of your account instructions

The creation, management, and cancellation of user accounts in this product are uniformly controlled and managed by the administrator of the organization or team where they are located, and account status changes (such as logout, deactivation) take effect immediately after the administrator operates.

If you need to log out of your account, you can do it through [the tenant's system administrator web terminal] - [click system management] - [click user] - [select user] - [delete] - apply for logout.

We reserve the right to amend this clause at any time. If you have any questions about this clause, please email us.

This privacy policy is a commitment to protect your personal information. Thank you for visiting our website and for your attention. If you have any questions about the privacy policy or other personal information, please email us at